5 Essential Things To Do Before Hiring a Los Angeles Moving Company!

If you are not very experienced with relocations, you should hire a local mover. Movers will provide valuable assistance and logistic support.  First, read more about these 5 essential things to do before hiring a Los Angeles moving company:

  • Sort out all your items. When sorting to your items, you will surely notice that some items are too old or you just simply do not want to take them away. You can throw them away, give them to friends, donate or organize a garage/yard sale. Pay article-new_ds-photo_getty_article_142_242_86542936_XSattention to bottles of expired medicine or other chemicals. They must be taken to special disposal facilities, in order to prevent environmental contamination.
  • Buy moving supplies. Evaluate the quantity of all your cargo and decide how many moving supplies you will need. You can purchase the needed materials online or from local stores.  You must buy: boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, labels, markers, sealing tape, plastic sealing bags, covers and so on.
  • Clean all your items. Before packing any item, make sure it is clean and dry. Cardboard boxes are highly susceptible to moisture and placing wet items will make them break. Even worse, if you have wet items and dusty items in the same box, the damage will be grater to both the box and its entire content.
  • Clear a path for moving boxes. You need to carefully plan the entire move and choose the optimal path for transporting boxes.  Remove all obstacles and make sure that the floor is clean and dry, in order to avoid unpleasant accidents. Measure all hallways and doorways.
  • Always have a backup plan. Always keep a contact list with movers or persons that can help you in case of emergency. Some movers can answer to last minute calls.

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