Benefits of Double Boxing For Your LA Move

When it comes to moving in Los Angeles, double boxing particular items the proper way is very important. All double boxing means is packing certain items in two, instead of one boxes. This technique is beneficial for items that are fragile and easy to break.

One thing you should realize is that double-boxing isn’t only for packing purposes. It is also used in cases when you may need to put away or store some things temporarily, or if you are trying to protect your belongings against a natural disaster. For example, after holiday season, you may want to pack up and store some of your delicate Christmas decorations you are not likely to use for some time. This is when you have to double box the items you need to store temporarily. Another example is if a weather forecast for a hurricane is announced in your area. You will want to store all of your most important belongings in double boxes, and have them moved and stored in a safe location.

Double boxes are thicker cardboard boxes that are commonly used by moving companies, such as movers in Encino. Double boxes are made of thick cardboard that help fragile items not moving around inside the box during the move. It’s a smart and affordable way to protect sensitive belongings.

If you want to pack using the double box method, you can ask local movers in Burbank to bring them to you, or buy them yourself. To pack yourself, follow these tips from The Moving Planner:

“- First of all, get a regular storage box and a double box from any moving and storage service company.

– Make sure that the double box is double the size of the regular box, and make sure that the regular box is big enough to sufficiently contain the antique piece and Styrofoam peanuts.

– Safely wrap the antique piece in a clean large plastic bag, to keep the Styrofoam dust from getting in.

– Place some Styrofoam peanuts at the base of the regular box in an even layer.

– Place the antique centrally in the regular box, keeping room for more Styrofoam peanuts to fill the sides.

– Fill the void spaces around the antique with Styrofoam peanuts and jam them.

– Cover the top of the box with more Styrofoam peanuts and close the box. Make sure you tape it well to have the top properly sealed.

– Once the antique is safely packed in the inner regular box, the next step is to place Styrofoam peanuts in the larger double box.

– Place the regular box centrally in the double box and fill the void space around it with Styrofoam peanuts (remember to jam the peanuts in).

– Place more Styrofoam peanuts on the top and place the double box cover and tape it shut.”


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