How to Hoist a Sofa For Your Los Angeles Move

If you are moving in Los Angeles, and you want to do everything yourself, one of the trickiest things of not hiring professional moving services in LA is moving a large piece of furniture that doesn’t fit through a door, an elevator, or a stairway. The technique used for getting heavy or bulky furniture out through a balcony, patio or window is called hoisting.

Big City Moving Co. gives a great plan for how to hoist a sofa.

1. Thoroughly Wrap The Sofa With Furniture Pads and Shrink Wrap

Performing a hoist can put a lot of stress on your furniture. By properly wrapping it, you will help to prevent damages, such as damage from the straps or rubbing against a wall or railing. We recommend using multiple pads to cover the sofa, taping them in place, and then covering everything with stretch wrap.

2. Find The Best Landings For The Hoist

Try to find a spot with as few obstacles as possible. You don’t want to have to hoist your sofa through a bush or when it could potentially hit a window. The optimal spot for a hoist would be onto a deck balcony that sticks out from the house, so that it wouldn’t be right up against the house.

3. Use Moving Straps To Create Loops 

You want the moving strap to wrap entirely around the couch seat and back. The arm of the sofa should make it so that you can tighten the loop and it will stay in place. Keep it very tight. If you have to keep the sofa pulled out to prevent rubbing against a window or side of the house, you should create a second loop at the bottom of the couch.

4. Use Hoisting Straps Around Your Loops

This is why you need to make sure your loop is very tight. If it is loose, it could come free from the couch, dropping the sofa below. Tie your strap around the loop so that it is very tight and secure. If you are using a second loop to pull it out from the house, make sure it is tight and secure as well.

5. Up, Up, and Away!

Starting with the couch resting on it’s arm (so it is standing tall) – you should have at least two people at the bottom lifting it up as high as they can. One person at the top can pull the hoisting strap as the sofa rises. If you use a second strap to pull it away from the house, only pull it as tight as it needs to keep it off the house – you don’t want to pull the sofa back down!

How to hoist a couch for your la move Courtesy of Big City Moving Co.

How to hoist a couch for your la move
Courtesy of Big City Moving Co.

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