How to Move a Gun Safe in Los Angeles

Moving a gun safe alone can be a real challenge because it is incredibly heavy. If you have to move a gun safe within your house, or to another location, it would impossible to do so by yourself. However, a moving company Los Angeles would be able to move it without a problem. However, if you want to try and move the gun safe without professional help, read below for some helpful tips.

Start by emptying the safe of all its contents. Even if it is not full, doing so can decrease the overall weight of the safe by a few hundred pounds, making it easier to move. With the assistance of others, lift one side of the safe, and slip a dolly under the edge of the safe. Wrap the load strap around the safe and cinch it down so the safe is securely fastened to an appliance dolly. Tip the safe back on the wheels of the dolly. By doing so most of the weight will be sitting on the wheels, but at least three people will be needed to hold the top of the safe up while in transit.

If you need to load the gun safe into a truck, make sure to rent a truck with a lift gate since the gun safe is too heavy to lift up into  the truck. Wheeling it to the lift gate, and then raising it into the truck via the lift gate would be much easier. Moving companies in Los Angeles have trucks with lift gates to make moving such a heavy item possible.

When you’ve arrived at your location, slowly tip the safe back up so it sits flat on the floor. At least two people should be in position in front of the safe to help ease it back down while at least one person should place his or her foot behind the dolly wheels to keep it from rolling backwards. When the dolly is upright again, remove the strap from around the safe and pull the dolly out from under it. Put the dolly aside; then you can place the contents back in the safe.

Moving a safe from one level to another, either up or downstairs, involves a considerable amount of effort. At least three people should be pulling the safe upstairs, while at least three more people should be under the safe pushing. Vice versa, if the safe is going downstairs, three people should be on top of the safe easing it down the steps, while at least three more should be under the safe doing the same thing. This can be dangerous, so please use extreme caution and come up with a plan beforehand so everyone involved knows what his or her job is. To be on the safe side, let a professional moving company in Los Angeles move it for you.