How to Save Money On Your Los Angeles Move

When it comes to moving in Los Angeles, everyone wants to save money, and move as cheaply as possible. The first choice is figuring out whether you can afford to hire a moving service Los Angeles, or will have to do the heavy lifting yourself. This all depends on how much the moving company will charge you.

In order to get an accurate price quote from your local Los Angeles moving service to figure out if you can afford to hire movers, follow these tips. Write an inventory list of all your items, taking note of anything that is antique, fragile, extremely large, or just difficult to move. Examples are  grand pianos, pool tables, large safes, etc. Make sure you speak to a moving customer service rep over the phone, and explain all the details of your move. Go over your inventory list, and ask if the company charges extra for oversize items.

Additionally, let the customer service rep know if there are any elevators or stairs in either location. Some companies charge extra for those items. Measure your big furniture, and make sure it can be taken out of your doorway, or fit in a stairwell. Some extra-large couches and other items don’t fit, and have to be hoisted through a window or balcony. Go over all of this information with the rep, and ask if there are extra fees for any of these services.

Always ask the rep from movers Los Angeles if there are any additional additional fees, such as fees for packing, double driving, insurance, etc. To save money, you may choose to take apart all the biggest pieces of furniture yourself, and then wrap them in blankets and shrink wrap to protect them during the move. The more you do yourself, the more money you will save when it comes to hiring a moving company.

Finally, ask the rep if there are any hidden fees, and make sure to get a moving quote in writing where all the prices and terms are outlined.

If you find that you cannot afford to hire professional movers to transport your business or residence, you can opt to move the items yourself. While this will usually save you money, be realistic about the move. You need to know what you’re doing so you don’t damage your items, or worse yet, hurt yourself and those helping you move. Make sure to rent a truck with a lift gate, so that you can roll heavy items to the truck on a dolly, and then raise them up into the truck. Buy proper moving supplies to protect your items during the move. To save even more money, you can visit your local retail store, and ask the manager to give you some boxes.  And always, wear appropriate clothing and shoes during the moving process.

Another choice is to hire a moving company to move only the large items, and move everything else yourself. This will save you money and stress at the same time.
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