Planning Tips For Your LA Move

If you have an upcoming move to a new apartment, condo, townhouse, or business, there are many things you need to think about, and plan for. Many deciding factors like what LA moving company to hire, whether to rent or buy, where you want to move to in Los Angeles, will need to be thought through. Here are a few things Melrose Moving recommends you consider before picking a place and hiring a moving company.

1. Pests – One of the things that no one considers to be of importance until it becomes a problem is pests. Before you decide on a place, check the history of bedbugs, rodents, and other pests on the potential property. Even if it has recently been fumigated, pests such as bedbugs frequently return, especially in older buildings. Fumigating is often costly and requires you to move out of your residence for at least two days. Before buying a home, make sure you hire a pest company to do a throughout walk-through of the property.

2. Acoustics – This applies mostly to places with close neighbors and shared walls. Do your own research and test the acoustics of the new location. You want to make sure you can’t hear every step your neighbors take, especially if they are above you. If you are moving into a house, you should make sure that the walls aren’t too thin. Sometimes all it takes is closing a door to send a wave of loud noise throughout the house. These issues can be fixed with insulation or padding, but may end costing you a lot of money.

3. Local services – It’s always practical to have a grocery store nearby in a residential neighborhood. A park is always handy to have within walking distance if you are a pet owner or have small children. Find out if there is a variety of cable and internet providers; your current provider may not service the new area. The most important things to check out is Wi-Fi and mobile reception. There are always spots where calls may be dropped. Don’t sign the lease before finding out whether or not you’re in a ‘dead zone.’ A simple Google search should yield a reliable answer on whether the area experiences frequent network trouble. You don’t want to be stuck resetting the modem every fifteen minutes, or to have to stand next to a window every time you need to use you cell phone.

If you are seeking a new business location, check out restaurant options around the building where you can pop out to a quick lunch. Your options can be limited depending on the neighborhood, but it’s definitely a factor worth looking into before Los Angeles movers can move you.

These are certain factors that can make the difference between a wonderful new place and a complete nightmare. Do your homework before scheduling your Los Angeles moving service.