Preparing for Your Upcoming LA Move

When you have to move, there is so much to think of. You have to find a new place, buy new furniture, and look for new schools. Many people don’t have the time and energy to plan for the actual move, which will often cause stress and problems when the moving day comes close. If you take a moment to prepare with these friendly tips from 1 Los Angeles Movers, getting ready for your move will be easy.

Make a checklist.

It is impossible to keep all the things needed to get done for an upcoming move in your head. Whether you are moving around the block, or to another area, there are many places you need to contact and visit prior to moving. For example, you need to call providers, such as cable, satellite, phone, gas, electricity and other companies, to turn on/ off or transfer service. You need to figure out what you will be donating from your furniture, clothes, or kitchen appliances, and where you will donate to. If you will need to buy new furniture or other items, you need to figure out measurements and prices, and make a budget.

Do yourself a favor and make lists where you write everything down, along with applicable prices and due dates. Knowing dates that are coming up will help you stay on schedule, and will not leave you with numerous things to get done in the last minute.

Research a moving company.

Picking a moving company is one of the most important tasks when it comes to your move. You will entrust all your belongings to the movers, who will not only have to carefully pack and wrap your items, but also will enter your home, and will need to be careful not to damage your property. You don’t need to pick a company blindly out of the yellow pages and then worry about damage or theft, do your research to be confident in your choice.

To research a moving company, start online by reading reviews and getting quotes. Also, ask people you know for references. A good way to save money is to look for a moving company near you, that way they won’t need to spend money for driving time. If you live in Long Beach, for example, find movers in Long Beach, if you are in Malibu, call movers in Malibu.

Know your measurements.

There is nothing worse than spending time to disassemble, pack and move a large piece of furniture, only to find out it will not fit up the stairs or in the doorway of your new place. Measure all of your big items, and measure your new place to make sure everything fits.

Stock up on Supplies.

You never realize how many supplies you need until it is the day of you move and you run out of boxes and tape. Stock up on boxes, tape and bubble and shrink wrap.  Make sure to keep your receipts; you can always return what you don’t need. You also need something to label boxes, like a simple black marker or colored stickers, which allow you to designate a color to every room.  Doing this saves a lot of time when unpacking, and helps unload items without the need to ask where items belong.

For more tips, visit 1 Los Angeles Movers online.