The benefits of choosing a local Los Angeles moving company

If you have a move coming up, it can be tempting to call a big, national moving company whose commercial you have seen on TV and heard on the radio.  There are many chains that spend a great deal of money on advertising, and you feel like you are familiar with them. However, it is also a good idea to give your local moving company in LA a shot at moving your belongings. Below are some of the reasons why you may want to prefer hiring a local Los Angeles moving company.

Support your community

If you don’t support your community, then who will? There is no greater reward than supporting your neighbors, and helping their business grow. The more successful local business are, the more they pay in taxes, which is money that will go to improving your community. Chains of grocery stores, gas stations, moving companies and restaurants tend to overpower the small business owner in every category. Consumers are faced with decisions every day that directly affect the well being of people in close proximity to them, and moving is no different. If you live in Hollywood, research local movers in Hollywood that don’t necessarily have the extra funds to spend on advertising.

 Drive time fees

While many of the big, national moving companies advertise low prices and great promotions, make sure to ask them all the right questions. For example, some will charge you drive time plus gas from the time they leave their location. So, if they are located 40 or 60 miles away from you, you may be in for hundreds of dollars before they even get to your house. If you use local movers in Century City, and you live in that city, you will not need to pay drive time.

No loss of time

Because your local moving company is located in your own neighborhood, you don’t have to wait for them to get to you, and then get a call that they are stuck in traffic. It’s much easier for a local mover to drive a couple of blocks over, then for a moving truck to get stuck in morning rush hour traffic to get to you from 40 miles away. Also, your local mover will know short cuts on how to move you from one location to another because they live where you live. That will save you time and money.

Remember, just because you are familiar with the name of a moving company because of advertising, doesn’t mean that that company is the best choice. Do your research, and consider local moving companies.

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