Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture Pieces in Los Angeles

If you need to move heavy pieces of furniture within your house, or to a new location, you are probably worried about the best way to do so. It is very important that you consider a few factors before figuring out if you can do the heavy lifting yourself, or if you need to hire LA movers to do the job for you. If you have no experience in moving these bulky items, than it can be a real challenge.  Consider how much the item weights, how fragile it is, and if it needs to be disassembled. Also, if you have steep staircases, tiny hallways, and narrow doorways, moving big pieces of furniture will be even harder to do without professional help. However, if you believe that you can safely move your heavy furniture pieces on your own, follow this advice.

Empty out the furniture

Make sure the furniture is completely empty before you try to move it anywhere. Los Angeles moving companies will always insist that you empty out dresser drawers, or take out files from file cabinets. Emptying out the furniture makes it lighter, and prevents things from falling out or getting damaged inside. Furthermore, most of the furniture is not designed to be lifted and moved with items inside of it, and drawers can often crack and break because of the weight.

Slide, don’t lift

When you are dealing with heavy furniture, make sure not to lift it, or else you may end up injuring yourself. Most of us don’t know how to lift things the proper way; just picking up a heavy piece of furniture and carrying it  is not a good idea. If you have to lift something very heavy, make sure your back is relatively straight, you don’t put anything heavy on your shoulders, and you lift with your legs, not bend down with your back.

Use cardboard and towels

Slip something underneath the legs of furniture to help push it with ease.  Don’t lift the piece, just rock it to and from slightly to slide a piece of towel or cardboard underneath the legs.  This will make it easy for you to drag or pull the furniture around. Try towels for furniture that is placed on a bare floor, and cardboard for the carpet.

Magic sliders

Place magic sliders under all the heavy pieces of furniture to be moved to make the job much easier for yourself. Even though they are a bit expensive, they are really worth the price, and help you safely slide furniture from room to room.

Pull vs. push

While pushing heavy furniture may seem natural, pulling it is more effective. The best way to go about this is by placing your arms on either side of the furniture piece and lowering your body as though you are going to sit, and to push backwards, keeping your feet a few inches apart.  This way your arms will work like braces, and you will be able to pull the furniture without exerting excessive force.

These are just a few tips to move furniture yourself. For more tips on moving, click here.